March 20, 2014

Paisley & District Chamber of Commerce
Minutes of Meeting-March 20 @ 7:00 pm
Front Room of Town Hall

In attendance: Jennifer Harris, Mary Gail Johnson, Burke Maidlow,  Alicia Mariano, Irene Collins

Call to Order 

New Business: Burke Maidlow provided a brief update on the current status of the old Paisley Inn.  The following issues have been/currently are being resolved:

  • Water issues pertaining to an old sewer access that had never been properly sealed and has since been causing water to back up into the building
  • Mr. Maidlow’s current position is to maintain the building and prevent further deterioration until such a time as “the Village can take control of it”
  • The west end of the building that had been leaning has been reinforced and stabilized
  • The idea is present to redo the façade of the building this year
  • There was a roofer in to patch the roof and to the best of Mr. Maidlow’s knowledge, there are no longer any leaks in the roof
  • It is the intention to repair the windows on the front of the building this year
  • Although the building is no longer “listed”, Mr. Maidlow indicated he would accept $300,000.00 for it.
  • The fence is to come down this year, Mr. Maidlow intends to finish certain tasks before he does so
  • The Inn requires floor replacement in several areas, namely the kitchen and where the issues with the water backing up occurred

There is an outstanding invoice in the amount of $250.00 owed to Christie Thompson for cupcakes that needs to addressed.

Our treasurer, Wendy Tanner has resigned, leaving us with a need to fill that position.

Alicia Mariano volunteered to accept position of Treasurer, a vote was taken and so passed Alicia is the new treasurer. A brief discussion took place regarding paper work required to make the change effective. Signing authority needs to be changed as soon as possible.

We discussed options in recruiting new members/participants to the PDCC and came up with a few names of individuals to contact.

There was brief talk about the brochure and where we are at with it.  Decided Irene would start on Monday trying to collect the ads from the businesses.

Paddle Hunt was discussed and voted on. We need to contact the contractor that has agreed to provide the paddles at a cost of $10/paddle and give her the go ahead. The contract was awarded to MJ Breen of Doghouse Designs, Handcrafted and Handpainted signs.

Spruce the Bruce was made mention of, minutes, agenda and progress reports need to be created and distributed.

Meeting was closed at 9pm