Our Community

Paisley is a vibrant heritage village built at the eddy of two important rivers. We are situated on the south-west corner of Municipality of Arran-Elderslie and at the doorway of the beach country. This area is famous for beef farming and the Power Industry including the creating of nuclear power and wind power.

The Paisley and District Chamber of Commerce is pleased to welcome you to Bruce County’s Heritage Village. Whether you arrive by car, bicycle or canoe, we invite you to enjoy our well-preserved heritage buildings, unique shops, restaurants, and even our own village museum. There is always lots to do. Check out our Annual Events or our local clubs(eg: snowmobile, canoe and other sports)!

Need a place to stay? Try out one of our four amazing options.

The heart of Paisley overlooks the merging of the Teeswater and Saugeen rivers, surrounded by rolling hills and abundant farmland. We have seven bridges, four waterway access points, and plenty of scenic walking, biking and hiking trails. When you are on the river, keep an eye out for the keeper of our river. Her name is Saugieand if you see her, it will bring you good luck!
Our shops are mainly family owned and operated businesses. If you have questions about our village feel free to ask any of our friendly shopkeepers. The Paisley Advocate, our local monthly newspaper, is also a wealth of information for the area and is available free at various locations throughout Paisley.

Thinking of moving to the area? Paisley is a short drive from the Bruce Nuclear Power Station; we have two industries in town as well as many smaller businesses, which provide a good source of local employment.

Our service clubs, churches, schools, and recreational groups always welcome helping hands and fresh ideas.

Whether you come for a day, or to stay, we hope you enjoy your time in Paisley.