Paisley Chamber of Commerce Meeting – 19 Aug 2015

Meeting called to order at 7:25 by Craig Budreau

In attendance:

Anne Bucher, Craig Budreau, Mary Ellen Budreau, Gail Fullerton, Jennifer Harris, Mary Gail Johnston, Ireyna Kimberley, Michael Kimberley, Alicia Mariano, Emma Tsang

Reading of 15 July Minutes

Minutes read by Emma Tsang and approved.

Open Issues

  • Maple Syrup Festival will continue for 1 more year
    • need more volunteers and sponsors if it’s expected to continue
    • representative contacted Gail Fullerton with request to attend a meeting – Chamber will send a representative who will report back once we have more information about the meeting
    • main upstream concern is the closing of the campground itself
  • Reviewed the standing 2015 budget, set out as follows:
    • Paddle hunt – $300 (not done, defer to 2016 budget)
    • Brochure – $300 printing for 2500 brochures (not done, defer to 2016 budget)
      • will cost considerably more since last brochure was designed for free
    • Santa Claus Parade – $2000
    • Late Night Shop – $250
      • motion to increase budget to $500 by Craig Budreau, seconded by Mary Ellen Budreau, motion carried
    • – $500
      • major concerns regarding content – Paisley seems to be largely omitted
      • the site is being “revamped”, we need more information before we put more money towards it
    • Big Community Meeting – $500
      • too little time to plan one for this year, tabled until 2016
    • Office supplies – $100
      • need report from treasurer regarding actual spending
    • Treasurer – $1500 yearly (billed monthly)
      • much concern regarding executive position being a paid position – need difference between Treasurer position and “book keeper”
    • Suggestion that training programs should be included in the 2016 budget (suggested $300 at least)
      • eg Tourism Marketing Conference $125, FAM Tour $30
  • Details of membership fees tabled until next meeting

New Business

  • Some concern raised about Chamber meetings being lengthy and the need for business to be focused and concise

Meeting adjourned at 9pm.


Minutes prepared by Emma Tsang

Minutes approved by Craig Budreau


Next meeting is 16 September at 7:30pm at the Legion