Spruce The Bruce and Chamber Meeting Minutes | January 14, 2015

Attendees: Jennifer Harris, Tahnya Macdougall, Irene Collins, Jack Van Dorp, Mary Gail Johnston, Susan Parker, Ken Cormack, Marg Jones, Mary Lou Dolan, Melissa Kanmacher, Max Johnston

6pm: Update from Jack regarding the status of the County review that had been taking place. Jack indicated that the Corporate Services Committee has approved the budget in principle and that includes funding for the Spruce the Bruce program to continue.

6:15: Report card is Due Feb 1.  Jennifer Harris read aloud the questions from the first 5 Pages of the Report Card. Discussion surrounded the answers given and many questions were left un answered pending more investigation.  We are required to request and attach the minutes of council meetings attended, as well as numbers for the money the municipality put forth for the docks, and garbage cans. We need a capital submission and budget for next year and any other monies spent downtown.

ACTION ITEM #1STB:  (Organization Comm.) Complete Report Card by Feb 1 – Tahnya will work with committee to complete this.

ACTION ITEM #2STB: (Organization Comm.)  Volunteer hours need to be collected from the various community groups that affect events happening in the downtown core. I.e. Paisley Events and Farmer’s market

ACTION ITEM #3STB:  (Organization Comm.) Volunteers are required to compile a comprehensive list of all Businesses in digital format. Mary Gail volunteered to complete the Paisley main street businesses. A digital survey went out January 3 requesting local businesses to send back their contact information. At this time 34 Businesses from AE have responded.  The survey can be found at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/272PSSM

Spruce the Bruce cannot technically give monies to a façade grant for the upgrade of a Municipal building. Jack suggested that perhaps repairs for the Bell Tower could be submitted for grant monies that would fall under the Destination Infrastructure stream; as it is similar to a lighthouse being iconic and visible in the downtown core.

ACTION ITEM #4 STB:  (Phys. Design Comm.) Follow up with Municipality & Legion to see if this is still on the 2015 agenda.

ACTION ITEM #5 STB: (Eco. Dev. Comm.)  CAO Peggy Rouse and Councillor Steinacker should contacted regarding and economic development budget and an Arran-Elderslie strategic plan.

ACTION ITEM #6 STB:  (Org. Comm.) Confirmation letter and or request to AE Council in regards to appointing a municipal staff member to the Spruce the Bruce Committee for 2015.

Branding, the 2015 goal is to complete the toolkit and move towards developing ourselves as a destination community. The 2015 Action Plan will assist in reaching this goal.

ACTION ITEM #7STB:  (Mktg. Comm.) Next Marketing meeting is Monday, January 26 @ 9:30 am Chamber office

ACTION ITEM #8 STB:  (Mktg. Comm.) Branding meeting is Wednesday, January 21 @ 6 pm Chamber office

Paisley Events has some great new ideas coming together for the upcoming season and with the help of the RED Grant they received they will be moving the Blues Festival to the downtown core and doubling its size.

Minutes for the Big Community Meeting are required as well as information regarding any by-law amendments etc.  Tracking volunteer hours within the community is going to be imperative in the upcoming year.

Next Spruce the Bruce meeting: February 18 @ 6pm

Attachments: Report Card, CIP Plan, Downtown Survey Map, 1 Year Action Plan (please contact the Chamber for these attachments paisleyvillage@gmail.com)

Chamber Meeting

Attendees: Mary Gail Johnston, Jennifer Harris, Irene Collins, Tahnya Macdougall, Jo-Anne Buhr, Ken Cormack, Melissa Kanmacher

7pm: Confirmation of council’s approval of the new JCP applications on principle.  There are to be 3 positions: Downtown Revitalization Co-Ordinator, Community Animator, and Marketing and Physical Design Co-Ordinator. The 3 people would rotate between communities. Arrangements for a meeting with Chesley and Tara reps needs to be put in place to fine tune the workplans for the new JCP positions. Mentorship, office space and resources will also need to be discussed. There will need to be members from each of the communities to process resumes and help in the interview process.

ACTION ITEM #1C:  Set meeting date with3 Communities in February

ACTION ITEM #2C:  Form committee of 3-5 to oversee JCP application/workplan, hiring & mentorship.

Jennifer sent out a survey to collect business data to 200 businesses and received 29 replies and 15-20 bounced emails. This number needs to be dramatically increased in order to have a clearer view of where we stand business wise. The idea of having a volunteer in each community hand deliver a paper copy of the survey to each business had been mentioned, as well as the possibility of attaching the survey to the quarterly newsletter the municipality sends out.

See: Action Item # 3STB in the Spruce the Bruce Minutes

ACTION ITEM #3C:  Contact Katrina Eke at the municipality to see about adding the survey to the municipal newsletter

ACTION ITEM #4C:  Contact Paisley Advocate to see about creating something for the paper this month.

Regarding the newsletter, it was mentioned that Paisley is rarely recognized in the those newsletters and perhaps it could be added to the JCP work plan that one of those positions be responsible for creating a page of info for each of the 3 communities to be submitted to Katrina and added to the newsletter.

Update on Georgian Bay Treatment Centre: They have hired CEO and Kitchen Staff and are in the process of hiring all other staff with hopes of having residents by early spring.

Treasurer & Bookkeeping : It was suggested we contact Jenna McTeer to ask if she is interested in helping the Chamber & set up a meeting to discuss completing the bookkeeping for the Chamber. At this time we do not have a clear understanding of what is financially available due to lack/rollover of treasurers for the last 2-3 years . We are required to file HST payments soon. We need a clear answer to what bills are outstanding, the balance of our accounts and if that includes the Paisley Advocate.

It was suggested we have a budget meeting to determine our needs for the upcoming year.

ACTION ITEM #5C:  Mary Gail to set up meeting with Jenna McTeer & Jennifer Harris

ACTION ITEM #6C:  File HST returns

ACTION ITEM #7C:  Create a Budget for 2015

Membership: Discussion of moving forward with a Paisley Chamber Membership package was raised. Due to the pending amalgamation it was uncertain if we should move forward with this or wait for the transition board to be formed. It was agreed that the amalgamation may not happen for up to 6-12 months from now and perhaps a 6 month membership package beginning April 1 was more appropriate at this time.  It was agreed that an April 1 – March 31 membership makes most sense as it aligns with most provincial funding and local retail businesses will be financially capable of payment at this time of the year.  It was agreed that any future membership packages would NOT include payment for events held by the Chamber of Commerce such as Shoppers Night or Parade.  Minto Chamber set’s their package rate at $140-160 per year. Belinda Wick from Minto is sending us a package for us to look at.

Ontario Chamber of Commerce is looking for a 2015 commitment from the chamber by the end of January. Jennifer has contacted Charlene at the OCC and explained our situation and will continue to communicate with her until a membership decision has been made.

ACTION ITEM #8C:  Make a motion & vote to adopt a 6 month membership package available from April 1 to Oct. 31.

Amalgamation: The transition board needs to be formed to move forward with the amalgamation of the Tara DIA, Chesley Chamber & Paisley Chamber. A formal request letter was created and needs to be sent out to the individuals that were interested in forming this board.

See Attached letter. See Action Item #1C

Minto Chamber of Commerce:  Jennifer & Mary Gail visited the Minto Chamber of Commerce and the Launch it! program in Minto in early December. Belinda Wick and Tony Tsotros – CoC President explained how the amalgamated program works in their municipality which consists of Clifford, Palmerston & Harriston. Minto is slightly larger than AE with 9500 residents. Minto Chamber was amalgamated when the Municipalities were . Mary Gail has been in contact with Members of that chamber to discuss how it was approached in 2006 when the chambers came out of hibernation.  Belinda suggested that she come speak to Council and the Chambers to explain in further details how this might work for AE as she is doing this for many of the other municipalities in the region. Jennifer contacted Councillor Peter Stienacker to see about having Belinda come to a Council meeting in the near future.

Lake Huron Tourism Partners:  Paul Chrysler has sent a letter to request payment be made on 2 outstanding invoices in the amount of $2000 for the services used in 2012 & 2013 for Brochure mail outs (used only in 2012) and online weblinks on www.Sunsets.com. It has been requested those bill are paid by Jan. 30.  Payment for 2014 has not been billed yet. This bill was previously paid by the Municipality.

It was requested by meeting attendees that documentation is shown as to when approvals were given to continue on with this service for the Chamber of Commerce.  They would also like to see documentation/analytics as to the direct benefits www.sunsets.com has brought to paisley chamber of commerce before making future decisions about continuation of service.

It was requested a formal meeting to be set up to resolve this issue with the executive, LHTP and previous executive. At this time there was not a Quorum present to make a motion or vote on this matter.  Nor did the present executive have enough knowledge of our financial status to make a decision.

ACTION ITEM #9C: Set up a meeting will all parties involved to resolve the issue.

ACTION ITEM #10C:  Make a motion to resolve and commit to future service from LHTP.

Late Night Shop & Social and Santa Claus Parade:  Overall feedback was very positive from both the residents as well as the Merchants that participated. There are still some outstanding invoices to come in for the Radio advertising portion of the events. The Executive would like to see a summary report created by the committee about the events. Joanne requested a list of the cookie makers so that she could send Thank you’s.  These two events depend on a large number of volunteer hours and have made requests for more volunteers for the 2015 events.

The Grade 2/3’s at Paisley Central School sent a stack of thank you letters to the Chamber of Commerce for the donations of the treat bags they received at their Christmas party for the Chamber. It was suggested they be scanned in and posted on the website or printed in the Paisley Advocate. Permission from the school is needed for this.

Executive:  Paul & Sadhana send their regrets for not attending tonight’s meeting. They also requested they be removed from the executive at this time. They requested to stay on as Members-at-large.

Current Executive stands at:

Jennifer Harris, Interim President, Mary Gail Johnston, Vice President, Joann Buhr, Alicia Gibbons, Paul Schmidt,  Sadhana Prasad –  Members at Large

Irene Collins & Tahnya Mcdougall will be ending their JCP contract with us as of January 16, 2014. We wish them all the best in their futures and welcome them back any time to our community.

Meeting concluded at 9:30 pm