Paisley Chamber of Commerce Meeting – 15 July 2015

Meeting called to order at 7:15 by Mary Gail Johnston

In attendance:

Anne Bucher, Craig Budreau, Mary Ellen Budreau, Jo-Anne Buhr, Brad Dewys, Gail Fullerton, Jennifer Harris, Mary Gail Johnston, Melissa Kanmacher, Kevin Kanmacher, Ireyna Kimberley, Michael Kimberley, Judy MacKinnon, Julie Reid, Emma Tsang

Reading of June 17th Minutes

Minutes read by Emma Tsang and approved.

Open Issues

  • Chamber-owned laptop will be stored with Chamber president
  • Elections
    • motion to elect Mary Gail Johnston as President by Mary Ellen Budreau, seconded by Gail Fullerton – motion passed
    • motion to elect Emma as Secretary by Mary Gail Johnston, seconded by Mary Ellen Budreau – motion passed
    • motion to retain Julie Reid as Treasurer by Jenn Harris, seconded by Craig Budreau – motion passed
    • motion to elect Craig Budreau as Vice President by Emma Tsang, seconded by Jo-Anne Buhr – motion passed
    • members at large Ireyna Kimberly, Mary Ellen Budreau, Alicia Gibbons, Anne Bucher, Jo-Anne Buhr – motion by Craig Budreau, seconded by Jenn Harris – motion passed
    • motion to close elections by Mary Ellen Budreau, seconded by Mary Gail Johnston
  • Booklet of by-laws for Chamber meetings should be resurrected
    • had been audited by Jennifer Speckhard, will contact her to see if she has an updated version and will attach in an email with minutes
  • Membership fee and benefit details tabled until next month
    • there is a document with the breakdown of where the fees go, will have this for next meeting
    • information regarding fees and benefits held from website until update is available
  • Paisley Brochures (10 cases remaining) will be distributed by Melissa Kanmacher

New Business

  • Brad Dewys has proposed a town-wide community yard sale
    • yard sale tabled until next spring to allow for timely organization
    • Aug 1st of this year will be a loosely organized (by email via Emma Tsang) sidewalk sale by the merchants
  • Judy MacKinnon presented an invitation to the Chamber for the Treasure Chest Museum’s 30th anniversary celebration at the museum on August 1st from 11am-4pm (cake and lemonade!)
  • Melissa and Kevin Kanmacher have purchased the laundromat and plan to re-open this fall
  • Maple Syrup Festival being stopped
    • Mary Gail will investigate what’s rumour and fact and if we can realistically help keep it going
    • Gail noted that businesses are welcome to put up posters and other promotions in the bus taking visitors to the festival
  • Monthly Bruce Telecom TV spot is a free 15-20min interview for upcoming events and tours of businesses once a month
    • will be taken over by Ireyna, who will also look into getting the video files for posting on the website and social media platforms (currently only being run on BMTS TV channel)
  • Monthly column for Marketplace needs new writer
    • Gail notes that Cheryl Steinhoff has volunteered to take over
  • Chamber possessions need organization in the Legion basement, or need to be moved elsewhere
  • Much interest in reviving the business directory card – tabled for future meetings pending organization
  • Updates on Santa Claus Parade: shriners booked, need a contact for the pipe band and twirlers, may contact cheerleaders from SDSS or WDCS
    • Paisley Advocate will sponsor the free-skate after the parade

Motion to adjourn by Craig Budreau, seconded by Jennifer Harris, meeting adjourned at 9:30.


Minutes prepared by Emma Tsang

Minutes approved by Craig Budreau


Next meeting is Aug 19th at 7pm at the Paisley Legion