Paisley Chamber of Commerce Meeting – 17 Sept 2016

Meeting called to order at 7:32 by president Mary Gail Johnston

In attendance:

Anne Bucher, Jo-Anne Buhr, Mary Gail Johnston, Ireyna Kimberley, Michael Kimberley, Julie Reid, Emma Tsang

Reading of Aug 19th Minutes

Minutes read by Emma Tsang and approved.

Open Issues

  • Treasurer’s report: $7871.77current bank balance
    • currently 3 paid memberships for 2015: McCullough Fuels, Garham Hall, and Nature’s Millworks
    • $3525 outstanding memberships for collection – write off for this year
    • outstanding bill for BMTS for advertising spots on
  • Julie Reid is stepping down as Treasurer, Craig Budreau will step in
    • Motion by Emma Tsang to keep Julie for paid position as bookkeeper to track down financial records for previous year, seconded by Mary Gail Johnston, approved
  • Seal has been misplaced – not required but if we want one it needs to be replaced
  • Santa Claus Parade – need to contact Alicia Mariano regarding making cookies rather than candy bags, contact Huttons re: flatbeds, contact the school regarding bands (possible Chesley?)
  • Late Night Shop – no report, Emma’s apologies – notes will be sent out with Minutes
  • Prepping 2016 budget – edit document from Craig Budreau
    • Motion to add $200 donation for Legion as well as $10 per member (~30) OCC fees by Mary Gail Johnston, seconded by Michael Kimberley, approved
    • Motion by Emma Tsang to remove reduced membership fees for Chamber Executive and Committees and also to charge businesses with two locations or fronts only 1 Chamber fee, seconded by Mary Gail Johnston, approved

New Business

  • Need cabinets (bought/donated) to organize Paisley Chamber documents currently stored at the Legion – need volunteers to sort through them
  • Motion by Mary Gail Johnston to change website arrangements and make Ireyna Kimberley the Webmaster for Paisley Chamber’s online presence, including the Paisley Village website and associated social media, seconded by Emma Tsang, approved
    • Ireyna will contact Jen Cooper for information and will move the site to a free server
    • Ireyna will prepare a presentation for next meeting regarding plans to amend and improve our online presence
  • Julie Reid will look into get a prepaid credit card for the Chamber to facilitate online billing
  • Michael and Ireyna Kimberley presented an idea to increase available accommodations in Paisley – will gather info regarding cleaning, availability, furniture, food, insurance, promotion, and volunteer possibilities
    • Tabled for more research

Meeting adjourned at 9:05.



Minutes prepared by Emma Tsang

Minutes approved by Mary Gail Johnston

Next meeting is October 21st at 7:30pm at the Paisley Legion