As published in the Paisley Advocate, Dec 2006

Portraits of Saugie
Here are the top entries in the Draw Saugie contest arranged by Sandra Blodgett in November. It was a difficult choice, but the judges finally decided 1st place in the 5 to 8 year old category goes to Alistair Porter, age 7 (top left) with a very glittery version of the beast; honourable mention to Michelle Hack, age 8 (bottom left) who drew Saugie with the often reported “face like a dog” (this one looks a bit like Snoopy). In the 9 to 12 year old category, 1st place goes to Anna Kollmann Suhr age 11 (top right) who did an excellent job drawing Saugie, the swirling Saugeen River, and the tree-lined shore. Honourable mention goes to Johann Hack age 12 (bottom centre) for a very colourful rendering, too bad we can’t print it in colour, and to Ellie Berry age 10 who drew Saugie with a baby Saugie, and drew in every single scale on their bodies. All drawings were on display at the Arena after the Santa Claus Parade.