As published in the Paisley Advocate, Sept 2007

Saugie Sighting

Sightings of the elusive Saugeen River Monster are especially rare this time of year. With low water levels and lots of paddlers still on the river, the ever shy Saugie is likely hiding in one of those deep holes in the Saugeen, waiting for things to quiet down. Sandra Blodgett decided it’s been a little too long since we had news of Saugie, so she decided to create her own, Saugie that is, out of chicken wire and papier-mâché.

On Saturday, August 18, lots of kids from town took turns slapping the gooey newspaper and flour paste mixture on the frame Sandra had set up in front of her store, Lox, Sox & Burrow. Pictured her are Beth McInnes (on the right) with her friend Rebecca from Cambridge.

One can only hope Sandra gets the beast finished and out of the weather before we get rain. After all, there’s nothing worse than a soggy Saugie.

Craig Budreau

photo Sandra Blodgett