As published in the Paisley Advocate,Aug 2009

A swimmer encountering something Saugie-like in the waters near Southampton

A swimmer encountering something Saugie-like

Sightings of Saugie, the elusive Saugeen River Monster are quite rare, but for some reason the Advocate received two different photos of our friendly neighbourhood river beast this month.
The upper photo was shot at the beach in Southampton, not far from the mouth of the Saugeen. This swimmer encountered something in the water.
The photographer noted, “We had been keeping an eye out for Saugie all spring but since the beginning of June hadn’t caught sight of her at all. What a surprise we got when we were at the Southampton Beach. There she was!  I guess she will come back to Paisley in July when there are more visitors in town.”

Just missed her!

Just missed her!

Sure enough, later in July another Paisley resident snapped the lower photo, just before Saugie slipped below the surface of the river – right here in town.

It’s good to see old Saugie still considers Paisley to be home.
Should you come across something strange in the Saugeen, be sure to let us at the Advocate know and we’ll be happy to print your stories or photographs.

Craig Budreau