As published in the Paisley Advocate, April 2007

Searching for Saugie

Since our first story of Saugie, the Saugeen River Monster, in the April 2006 issue of the Advocate, we have featured several follow up articles. There have been Saugie skeletons found on the riverbank, Saugie eggs found in the grass, children’s drawings showing their impressions of Saugie, even the fanciful work of local artist Cindy McKenna featured in this very issue. One thing we have not had is another actual photo of the beast itself.
I was taking some pictures of the high water in the rivers on March 18th. I took the above shot looking straight down from the Queen Street Bridge showing the patterns of the ice and the swirling flood waters.
When I uploaded the images to my computer and made a few Photoshop adjustments, I found there was an odd shadow in the water.
There has to be a simple explanation, a trick of the light, some seaweed, or a submerged log. I’m sure that’s all it is, but then again…
Well, you be the judge.

Craig Budreau