Feb 16, 2012

Attendants: Sandra Blodgett, Mary Gail Johnston, Jennifer Harris, Jennifer Barna, Whanda Newman, Alicia Gibbons, Alicia Mariano, Helen Crysler, Marilyn Rice, David Song, Karen Kimpel, Charlie Cottrill, Jennifer Barna, Steve Gibbons, Jeanette Parker, Nathan Becker, Patti, Craig Budreau, Burke Maidlow, Erica MacNamara, Karen McCullough, 2 couples, Jack Van Dorp (Guest speaker)

Ice Breaker: Hand out – trick picture of a woman. How old is she? It depends how you look at her. Paisley is a heritage village however, I wonder how much potential we feel she has if we look at her as old. Let’s remember that our heritage village is really very young compared to other cities rich with heritage. Paisley has lots of potential and tonight we are goig to learn how we can make the best of this asset.

Jack VanDorp:

Jack Van Dorp works with Bruce County in the program called Spruce the Bruce. He showed us how Disney World is a touist attraction and it consists of many little villages with separate and unique identities. They do not compete. They compliment each other. So far, Spruce the Bruce (STB) has helped 15 towns identify their uniqueness and helped fund those ideas to project the image in a clearer way. This is what they can do for us.

Jack put us in groups of 5 and we filled out surveys for him to take back and begin the planning process. Each business also had to fill out a survey on their own and Sandra filled out an overview of the community survey. Jack will come back to see us in May after the BR&E surveys are processed. To learn more you can go to this site: COOPERATIVE ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITY.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm.

The next meeting is on March 1 at 7 pm at the Town Hall. We will have a short visit from Landlord Links and the rest of the meeting will be a hands on working meeting planning and preparing for Maple Syrup Fest.

The next meeting with Explore the Bruce is on April 19 at 7 pm with  Vicki Ly. She will tell us specifically their plans for the County this summer.

minutes recorded by Sandra Blodgett