February 2, 2012

 Attendants: Sandra Blodgett, Mary Gail Johnston, Whanda Newman, Micheline Mann, Shannon Wood (Saugeen Conservation), Jenn Harris, Alicia Mariano, Alicia Gibbons, Paul Crysler, Jennifer Barna.

Shannon Wood : Saugeen Conservation *Maple Syrup Festival *

Shannon talked to us about Pasiley jumping on board to capitalize on this festival.  Approximately 6-8000 people are traveling through town during the festival, however most business owners have expressed for many years that the people don’t seem to be shopping or dinning. We discussed options that would either get the people involved during that festival or incentives to come back. Some of these ideas included……1. Get your card stamped at businesses that have a maple leaf on their door….once filled out enter for your chance to win a gift basket from the village. 2. Rent tents or rent upstairs of arena and go where the people are. 3. Have something like maple cookies at participating businesses.  All ideas are great and although we didn’t come up with a full proof plan, we were defiantly heading in the right direction.  Shannon said when we know what option we would be using, to please contact her by Feb 28, so she can broadcast, and put the idea on the maple syrup flyers.

Sandra reviewed minutes from last meeting.

Communities in Bloom :
We need to find out who to approach about putting our participation plaque in the old Hose tower. Mary Gail suggested that she could look after this for us.

Late Night Shop :
Looking for a new coordinator .  We also decided to keep the name the same, opposed to changing it to Late Night Social. Mary Gail suggested moving the spring/summer late night to July. No decision was made. She also suggested that if we kept it in June, perhaps business owners could put tents outside.

Another survey was handed in!!  We expressed how proud we were of this business…tears of joy filled the room..it was a great moment. There are still businesses that have not handed their survey in, hopefully all will be completed very soon.  Sandra suggested having a “Thank You ” dinner for all those who dedicated their time for the surveys.  Paul Crysler offered his home for this event. It was decided that the dinner would be held on February 12,2012 at 7 pm.

Treasures Report:
Alicia has handed over all the books to Whanda.  Whanda has taken the time to go to the bank and change signatures.  She has also put the books into her accounting system.  As of  January 20,2012, there was a balance of $3525.59!!

The Washroom Issue:
We have asked the Municipality to help with the cost of maintaining the washrooms at Gibby’s Grub as it has become evident over the years that most travelers think that it’s a public washroom.  We discussed having them remove one of the portable washrooms, perhaps the one at Willow Creek.  Easch of the portable washrooms cost the Municipality $500 per summer. Sandra will goto the Municipal meeting on Feb 24 and ask them to not put a portable washrrom at the chimney park and instead pay Alicia Gibbons $200 and use a portion of the balance to make signs pointing to Mary Cummings Park, where there is another permanent (although seasonal) washroom. We all agreed that we need to remind the Municipality about having a public washroom that is open all summer in the downtown core.

Walkerton Sexual Health Clinic:
Sandra made a motion about writing a letter to try and keep the clinic open.  This holds importance as most of the teens in town go to Walkerton for school.

Natural Gas:
It was mentioned that a letter should be written from the PDCC about the importance of Pasiley having Natural Gas. It was also mentioned that the Municipality be on board with this as well.

Paul Crysler will be going to the AE council meeting on Feb 13 to request that they pay for our link on the website sunsets.com. The cost will be $525.00.

Community Board at Post Office:
Erica suggested spending some money and redoing the sign, it’s starting to show it’s age. Someone suggested asking Mickey Majury or Dale Buhr for more information on giving it a face lift. Sandra will look into this.

Sandra adjourned the meeting at 9 pm.

Important Upcoming Meetings :

  1. Saugeen Business Fair in Port Elgin on Feb 25.
  2. Bridges to Better Business, this meeting is Feb 29, 2012, in Souhampton, cost is $25 per person.
  3. International Woman’s Day is March 8,2012.
  4. Our next meeting is Feb 16,2012. This meeting is very very important as it talks about the Spruce the Bruce program which can benefit all of us!!!

Minutes taken by Alicia Gibbons.