January 19, 2012

Paisley & District Chamber of Commerce
7 PM Council Chambers
January 19th 2012

Attendants: Sandra B, Melissa K, Erica M, MaryGail J, Mary Lou D., Alicia M., Alicia G., Jen H., Jen M., Whanda N.,

Jen Maxwell gave the review of last year minutes.

We received a participant plaque from Communities in Bloom. Suggestion was made to put it in the window of the hose tower facing out. Thanks to Micheline Mann for participating in this program on our behalf.

Christmas Late Night Social—was it a success? It was suggestions that radio ads would help and to perhaps not schedule it when the choir is out of town. We are looking for a new coordinator and other volunteers to ensure a great night. A big thank-you goes out to Ed Maxwell and Ed Hodges for running the haywagon. They felt good about the evening and might be interested in helping again. The next Late Night Social will be held on June 8.

BR&E: We have 20 done!! In need of 6 more if anyone knows of any business willing to participate please let us know!

Alicia Mariano gave the Treasurer’s report. The parade came up a little short this year. (About $400) There were missing donors and the candy ended up costing more money. We need to do  a letter requesting donations for the parade as done in previous years.

Arran-Elderslie Municipality did not approve payment for Sunsets.com so we had to cover the cost. $525.00

We accomplished a lot of things in 2011 that needed to get done and we are proud of that.

Erica said that she felt that the info package really didn’t need to have be mailed. She said they could have been easily distributed though town by volunteers. It is an excellent idea that we did not do,  as we ran out of time and manpower. This is something to consider next time. If you have time to contribute, this might interest you. We plan to have a mailout to the businesses twice a year in order to maintain contact.

Jen Harris talked about the Paisley Brouchure and the plans for this year. Anyone looking for changes to be made to their old ad should contact Jen. All ads need to be in by January 31st before it goes to print. Plans to print 10,000 again this year. We are looking for photos for the brouchure especially winter activites. Please email paisleyvillage@gmail.com

Paisley Advocate has raised their ad prices due to the 15% increase to postage costs.

Some people say they have never received a copy of the Advocate in their mailbox so this needs to be looked into. All people with a Paisley postbox should be receiving a free paper every month.

Saugeen Business Fair is taking place Feb 25th 2012 at the Rotary Hall @ the Plex in Port Elgin. All business owners and people seeking work should attend.

At this point the 2011 Executive was ended and the elections took place. Melissa Kanmacher was kind to help us out with that. Thank you Melissa!

2012 Paisley and District Chamber of Commerce Executive
President- Sandra Blodgett
Vice President- MaryGail Johnston
Treasurer-Whanda Newman WELCOME TO WHANDA!
Secretary-Jen Maxwell
VP of Public Relations-Jen Harris
Members at Large- Alicia Mariano and Alicia Gibbons

Anybody looking at helping out the community should consider writing for the Paisley Advocate! This is a real asset to the community! Contact Craig if you have an interest in helping out. advocate@bmts.com

International Women’s Day is March 8th. There will be a gathering on Sunday March 4th to plan for the big day on the bridge! This will take place at Back Eddie’s from 2-4 on the 4th. Help us raise awareness and funds for the women’s house in Owen Sound.

Next meeting on February 2nd 7 p.m. at the Legion. Guest speaker will be Shannon Wood from Saugeen Conservation to talk about Maple Sugar Festival and how Paisley can better benefit from the event. Plan to be there!

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Minutes by Jen Maxwell