March 1, 2012

Paisley & District Chamber of Commerce
March 1st 2012           7 pm
Town Hall Council Chambers 

 Attendance:  Sandra Blodgett, Mary Gail Johnston, Whanda Newman, Jen Harris, Jen Maxwell, Alicia Mariano

 Regrets: Alicia Gibbons

 Treasurer’s Report by Whanda Newman

 Bank balance $4700.00

Only 5 people have paid for their brouchure.  Jen Harris will send Whanda the Paisley letterhead so that receipts can be printed.

 Public Relations Report by Jen Harris

 The 2011 brouchure had 18 pages.  We are near 24 pages for the 2012 edition!! A motion was made by Jen H and seconded by Sandra that we pay the shipping cost to have the brochure delivered to Paisley.

 Did you know that has tons  of pictures of Paisley on its website? Check it out!

 Alicia Mariano shared some information she received by attending the Bridges to Better Business meeting.

  • Little details are important.  It’s an added service and gives a personal touch.  Try not to compete with the big box stores!
  •  Make your Business a Destination
  • 1) Be authentic
  • 2) Be clean
  • 3) Don’t Rollback
  • 4) Feel the Power
  • 5) Empower your staff
  • 6) Strength in Numbers
  • 7) Don’t do it alone
  • 8) Build Relationships
  • 9) Invest in a Website
  • 10) Communicate Virtually

 Heritage Charm with a Dynamic Future!

 Bruce County is part of the Regional Tourism of Ontario.  We are in RTO-7 with Grey and Simcoe Counties.  

 Explore the Bruce is in Paisley again this year!!

 The letter in regard to the Sexual Health building in Walkerton has been mailed.

 The cork board at the Post Office is under repair. 

 The Late Night Shopping Event in June needs a Chairperson!! We need to have someone in mind by April 5th.  

 A/E Minor Hockey is in desperate need of new executive members!  Help maintain our minor hockey in Paisley!

Maple Syrup Fest Business Promotion Team Chairperson is Alicia Mariano. 353-4540. We will make a passport and have a basket raffle. Sandra will make the passport. Alicia and Jenn Maxwell will bag the cookies with a business card attached. Mary Gail will make leaves for participating businesses and hand them out. Each business will donate at least $10 to a basket. The basket will be displayed in Daydream Believers window until May 3. Passports will be dropped off at Back Eddies. Sandra will make a box for the passport drop off.  Sandra will locate people to hand out the passports. Shannon Wood will also hand out passports at the Bluffs. Winner will be decided at  May 3 meeting. Announced in May paper if possible.

 Meeting adjourned at 9:00

Minutes by Jennifer Maxwell