May 17, 2012 – SPRUCE THE BRUCE

Paisley & District Chamber of Commerce
May 17,  2012           7 pm
Town Hall Council Chambers 

 Attendance:  Jack Van Dorp, John Vanderburg, Sandra Blodgett, Jenn Harris, Wanda Newman,Alicia Mariano, Pat Kuntz, Ed Maxwell.

  • The meeting opened with Jack giving us a handout to help us get organized. Srpuce the Bruce will help us with our downtown revitalization challanges. Down town is considered the area from the GO CO Station to Paisley Foodtown.
  • A motion was made to write a letter to the organizations to invite them to join us on this quest. Alicia Mariano volunteered to write and mail that letter.
  • We need to build community committees and recruit people to champion (be the team leader) each project, big and small. Jen Harris and Pat Kuntz will contact a Bruce Power rep to sit at our table. We also need to get endorsement from the municipality. Jack will make an appointment and Jack and Sandra will visit the council to get their letter of endorsement signed. 
  • Jack went through the handbook to outline next steps. Our next step is to identify our identity.
  • Sandra will contact Ray Underwood and ask if we could get a traffic counter. It was suggested that it might be as useful to have two people track traffic for two hours on a Friday afternoon to get a better understanding of what the numbers reflected in a traffic counter might mean.
  • Jack has a resident survey. We made a motion to mail it out as soon as possible. STB will make the 483 copies needed. We will pay the $131.00 to mail them. Sandra accpeted the motion. Jen seconded it.
  • We will find 20 people of different demographics to take 10 pictures each of the best things about Paisley. We will need an award for every participant of these two activities.
  • At our next meeting (June 21) we will work on identifying our assets, asset mapping and furthering the action plans.
John and Ed made another presentation about the North Canoe Races and Saugeen Paddlers in general. We understand that on our website we could produce a list of places to advertise for free and otherwise. Saugeen Paddlers are serious about using the event to help promote business in the community. They are suggesting that we put up sandwich boards on event days that would read (for example) WELCOME PADDLERS. They are suggesting that we put 8 signs throughout the village.
Jen gave a presentation about the plans of the late night shop. They are going to focus more on having fun this year and less on the shop part. They have invited musical talant and recognize that there is room for much more. They have added the North Canoe Race on the back of the postcard that will be mailed out. All ideas can be passed on to Jen Maxwell at Daydream Beleivers 353-GIFT or Jenn Harris at 353-1805.
There was just a few minutes to discuss the progression of the BR&E. There was a motion made that a couple people take the information from the raw data and make it more palatable for the others. Mary Gail Johnston and Sandra Blodgett will do that. They will collect the letters of support required and create some action plans (this is open for discussion) to get started. Everyone is welcome to join in that project. It is not a closed project but simply must be propelled forward so that people do not lose interest.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:00

minutes taken by Sandra Blodgett


Spruce the Bruce

Minutes of Meeting

April 24, 2014

Attendees: Mary Gail Johnston, John Alpaugh, Jennifer Harris, Jack Van Dorp, Sue Parker, Tahnya Macdougall, Alicia Mariano, MaryLou Dolan, Irene Collins, Marg Jones, Sandra Blodgett



We convened at 6pm in the basement of the Town Hall Paisley. It was suggested that the communication between the Spruce The Bruce committee and the municipality be improved. It was felt that if minutes were sent out within 2 business days of the meeting, members of the committees would be more aware as would the municipality.


Discussion of the dock grant followed, Jack indicated he was under the impression that Ann had attempted to send an email to Cowan Canoe and other local outfitters outlining details and seeking input. As of the meeting time, Cowan Canoe had not received any correspondence to that effect and was going to look into it.  The dock grant application was suggested by Spruce the Bruce because the Municipality already had money in the budget for the Paisley docks for 2014. The application was submitted 3 days before the deadline and was successful. The Spruce the Bruce committee was informed of the successful application via email from the Municipality.


The Paisley Streetscapes grant has also received approval and includes metal waste surrounds, pet waste receptacle, and 1-2 bike racks. The grant monies are conditional upon a submission of a design for the garbage cans. The wrong receptacle for pet waste is pictured in the grant proposal, and needs to be remedied with the municipality. There is some confusion as to whether the monies are to include one bike rack or two. Jack mentioned it is entirely possible, and the approving STB committee would like to see a bike rack done in the same theme as the garbage surrounds. It was questioned if the monies are dependent upon an approved design for the surrounds, if we could go ahead and order the pet waste receptacle and the bike racks or if we needed to wait on full approval. Jack agreed to find an answer. It was questioned who the garbage surround tender was going out to. Mary Gail answered that there were only 3 people that we could find to do them and that was Holm Graphics, Kuhl, and Steve Caldwell.


Going back to the docks, there was some questions raised on the specs. Jack indicated that there is approval for a 40ft dock to go in at the Saugeen Paddler’s dock and a 30 ft dock to go at the Access Point 9 near the Hose tower. The dock grant falls under the Destination Infrastructure Grant. Jack suggested we speak with Brian McAllister as he is the lead for Paisley Services to discuss optimum placement of the dock and perhaps improved access to the docks. One idea was that a ramp be placed from the stairs to the dock to avoid the muddy clay at the bottom of the steps and reduce the likelihood of slipping and falling.


The issue of makeing the Dr. Milne Park as an official river access point was raised again and Jack said the matter has been taken to the tourism committee and that all of the signage will then require changes.


Next on the agenda was an update on the CIP. There is a staff report going to council to request circulation of the plan and a community meeting. Spruce the Bruce requires the Municipality to have bylaws allowing grants to be given to private business owners; grant monies can be awarded, but not collected until this happens.  Grant payouts occur only in August and November. The project must be completed in order to receive the payout; meaning business owners must front the cost for the improvements first. The last intake date for grant applications is May and all decisions will be made by June 30.


Mary Gail wondered why the façade grant required the owner include a minimum of 3 of the requirements to qualify for the grant. Jack indicated this was to insure that owners were not receiving grant monies to take care of regular maintenance issues such as window replacement. Mary Gail pointed out that painting a building would make a significant improvement to a façade, but currently is not included in the grants because it does not comply with the rule of 3. Jack agreed to take the suggestion back to the committee and see if painting only could be included.  Mary Gail’s next question was regarding grant monies for people who are qualified to do the work themselves. Do these people still qualify for grant money? Jack will have an answer for the next meeting.


The public meeting for the Community Improvement Plan is to be held on Monday June 23, 2014 at 9 a.m. in council chambers and a notice will be posted in the June 5 edition of the Advocate. For those that can’t attend the meeting, there will be a hard copy available at the public library and the Chamber office.


There were concerns around the by laws regarding perpendicular signage in the municipality and if any of those would have an effect on the distribution of the grant info.  Jack stated it was fine to distribute the packages and that as far as he could tell there were no by laws regarding the perpendicular signs; also citing that should there be an issue, the Municipality will remedy it. John Alpaugh brought up the fact that it would actually be the county that may have more issue with that particular style of signage as our downtown is on a county road.


The Spruce the Bruce map has been amended to include the museum, LCBO, hose tower, and arena. This allows these particular buildings/businesses to apply for STB grants as well.


The Community Improvement Plan is necessary and is what makes the grants legal. This plan will also include the towns of Tara and Chesley, although they are not currently participating in the Spruce the Bruce program.


Spruce The Bruce has decided this year to add an extra $1000.00 to any project over $10, 000.00. EG: If a façade grant is usually $3,000.00 and the total façade improvement is $11,000.00, STB will give $4,000.00 instead of the normal 3.


Della Spencer is head of the organization committee and due to work obligations, she could not be present. Mary Gail requested information regarding who interested parties should contact for assistance with grant applications. It was answered that Della should be contacted regarding that issue. The report card is done.


Moving on to Marketing, there was a brief run-down of brand camp and what how the branding process was presented. The marketing committee had a meeting of their own and went through the process together. Everything came back to the rivers and the fact that it is the river that brings people to Paisley and even our businesses can be accessed from the river. The committee feels it would be beneficial to try and attract a seasonal outfitter to Paisley as well.


In other news, TNA has bought Joannie’s Fashions; both the business and the building, and will be moving into the building in August. The plan is to combine both stores and still carry the same lines from both businesses.

Combine Insurance is set to move into Joanna’s building.


The physical design team has had their grant approved. Wendy and Mary Gail have been making contact with some of the business owners regarding the Renew program.


It was suggested we speak to the grocery store about displaying some memorabilia for the 140th. Jo-Anne Buhr has graciously offered her window space for 140th memorabilia. For further 140th co-ordination, contact Tahnya.


Bruce Packers has been conditionally sold. There is a gentleman seeking industrial land in Arron Elderslie for a doggie treat business and if he is unsuccessful, he will go to Brockton. Perhaps the purchaser of the former Bruce Packers property could be approached about leasing out space to accommodate this business.


There is to be a brochure swap on May 6 in Kincardine. Any businesses wishing to have their brochures included are asked to please drop them off at the Chamber office before that date.