May 3, 2012 – BR&E Retreat

Paisley & District Chamber of Commerce
Thursday, May 3, 2012
7 PM at the Town Hall

Attendants: Jen Maxwell, Micheline Mann, Marilyn Coffman, Tanya Brown, Jen Harris, Pat Kuntz, Helen Crysler, John Vanderburg, Melissa Kanmacher, Whanda Newman, Alicia Mariano, Mary Gail Johnston.

On May 3rd we gathered in to the Town Hall, all bearing some potluck finger foods to celebrate the launch of the recently completed (first edition) BR&E survey. The next step is to move all this raw data into an action plan that is useable by many teams that will come forward to help.

There was a terrible thunder storm happen just at 6:00 so the meeting got started about 20 minutes late as people braved the weather.

ICEBREAKER: We opened the meeting with a game where everyone took random words and brainstormed ideas about each one. After 3 minutes everyone added up their ideas and divided by 12. Each participant was given a dime a dozen (supplied by Daydream Beleivers). The point is that the $1500 worth of time we have put into our BR&E survery is virtually worhless unless we wee these ideas to fruition. The hard part is yet ahead, but forward, we must go.

Next everyone was given a copy of part of the BR&E. We were divided into groups and asked to review our section of the BR&E. We were given 1/2 hour to disect eash section and glean out of each section the high points. Then each group made a presentation about what they found. The presentations were interesting and everyone had fun sorting the ideas. Thanks to Jen Harris and Micheline Mann for taking the lead on this. The issues that came out were

1. Business Retention, Utility Costs, . .. . I will have to go and look.

After a short break, we rated what we found by using a sticker method. Each person was given 4 numbered stickers. We were to put a high number on the top issue (our opinion).

The winners of the Maple Madness Basket were Kimberly Robinson and Gladys Teeple. These people shopped in at least 12 stores in April and remembered to bring their passport. Each won a basket from the business owners worth about $100. Thank-you and congratulations to them.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00

minutes posted by Sandra Blodgett