October 18, 2012

Ocyober 18, 2012

COuncil Chambers

7:00 Pm

Attendants: Mary Gail, Sandra, Jen Harris, Whanda Neuman


Treasurers Report We have $3556.00 no HST paid yet, probably $400-$500.

Agenda Review: We cancelled the December 6th meeting because everyone will be getting ready for Dec. 7 Late night social.

Parade Report by Mary Gail Johnston: The letters are done and will be mailed out or hand delivered.

Late Night Socialplans were reviewed by Alicia Gibbons and a budget was established for the event.

BR&E action plans: we began to work on action plan number one. The need for public washrooms. We wrote up a letter to the municipality requesting help with this idea and made a survey for villlagers to give us their opinion. The press report for the Advocate was approved.

Spruce the Bruce Progress Report by Mary Gail. We need 100 pictures and 4 pillars for this project (executive) We need a list of all business property owners and all the organizations in the village. We will recruit 10 people to get 10 pictures of what Paisley means to them.

In order for the chamber to be sustainable, we need a membership fee and info package to go out. Sandra will prepare something for the next meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:50