October 4, 2012

Paisley & District Chamber of Commerce

Town Hall Council Chambers

October 4, 2012 7 pm

Attendants: Mary Gail Johnston, Sandra Blodgett,  Pat Kuntz OMAFARA, Erica MacNamara. 

Chairperson: Sandra welcomed all and thanked all for coming. Because there is so much to discuss tonight, we abandoned the usual icebreaker.

Secretary’s Report: We did a quick review of the upcoming 2012 agenda. We have decided to do the picture display for the October 18th meeting. So far we have 8 people promising to bring us 10 pictures. We could use 2 more.

We have added a March 26th meeting where we will have speakers telling about applicable grant opportunity. We will call the Event, “Where is the Money?”

Parade Review: Mary Gail gave an update of the parade. The bands are hired and we need to order candy.

First Impressions: Mary Gail Johnston asked to put the lunch meeting on the agenda for November 15.

BR&E Review & Action Plan: We began work on the bathroom issue. We brainstormed many new and qaulified people to help with the project. We need to get the four pillars set so we can get Jack back to our meeting. We made a good list of names of people we will invite to help us. We made a questionaire to ask people their specific attitudes about the washroom situation. 

Minutes taken by Sandra Blodgett