April 3, 2013

Paisley and District Chamber of Commerce

April 3, 2013
7:00 pm
Town Hall

Attendants: Sandra Blodgett, Mary Gail Johnston, Jennifer Harris, Max Johnston.

Tonight we dicussed a short list of things to do.

  • We need to change the information in the to 7:00.
  • Anything that needs to go to the marketplace needs to be to Gail by the 10th.
  • Anything that needs to go to the AE newsletter needs to go by the 22nd.

Coming Events

1. Alicia’s Fashion Show (TNA Clothing)
2. May 18 Farmer’s Market Opening Day
3. Rotary Breakfast at the Palace
4. Nature’s Millworks Shows
5. June 7 Late Night Social & Dance
6. June 8 North Canoe Race
7. Jack Van Dorp’s Race
8. June 8 Kayak Demo at Cowan Canoe Livery 10-4
9. Rotary Breakfast at the Palace
10. June 21 Back Eddies Concerts

Contact Jack about due dates for Sruce the Bruce

Washrooms: Can we get Chris Wilson to help us with a JCP?


Summer Company Student in the Town Hall: We need to know what we want the person to do. How much space we require and we need to ask the Legion and Municipality how much it would be to rent the space.

Mary Gail made a motion to pay the Legion $200 for the use of our Chamber room for one year. Jennifer Harris seconded the otion and all were in favour.

Late Night Social: Alicia Gibbons and Becky Atkinson said they were interested in doing a fundraiser dance. We brainstormed people that might like to help. Melinda Henschel, Allison Earle, Erica Knight, Michelle and Adrianna, Emily Kranenburg, Kate Dietrich, Wendy Liddle, Joan Stewart, Heather Tisdale, Jenn Smith, Janice Rankin, Julie Allen. We need tons of signage for this event and would like to see a black and white movie outdoors.

We need a meeting room with WIFI. We will consider paying for it in this building if we can get some income. It would cost $42.00/month. $55.00 hook-up. That would include the modem and the router.

Rumour: It seems like Ontario is trying to block the river views all across Ontario in the name of safety. Sandra will call a New York bridge engineer for advise, Peter Smith.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:00.