Jan 10, 2013

Paisley & District Chamber of Commerce
Thursday, Jan 10, 2013
7 PM at the Town Hall

Attendants: Sandra Blodgett, Mary Gail Johnston, Whanda Newman, Alicia Mariano, Paul Chrysler, Karen Kimpel, Peter Steinaker.


Treasurer’s Report by Whanda Newman (treasurer)

 Shows that the Parade came away with a profit of $435 (which is nice asw last year was down about the same) and the Late Night Social is about even. However, we still have money to collect for the LNS and one more readio bill will be coming in. The bank balance is sitting at $5237.00


Mary Gail Johnston and Alicia Mariano took the opportunity to share with the group the proposed presentation and their discoveries about the village of Coldwater. This trip took place last August and the findings were revealing. From the presentation we were reminded of a few more things to look into that would make our own village better.

  • signs for the walking trails
  • work for parking around the walking trails
  • need garbage cans on the trails
  • remove washroom signs in the winter (they are false)

This group, MGJ and AM and Peter Steinaker will be going to Coldwater on Jan 21 to present to them. Perhaps the others, Lewis Coffman, Melissa KanMacher and Wendy Liddle will also attend. The date for their visit here is not set yet. Sadly, they visited on a cloudy cold Monday and many of the businesses were closed.


We discussed the winter plans as shown on the website currently. We added the Maple Syrup Festival, so we will remember the timing. We decided NOT to do the work we did last year, but the Beautification Committe will still decorate for the event and Karen Kimpel will oversee this.

We made note that the municipal council will be doing their budget in March, so if we have a wish list, we need to have it organized by then.

Paul Crysler noted that the brochure exchange could be as early as late April, so we need to move that delegation earlier. We will NOT be making a new brochure this year. We still have enough left over from last year. This will give us time to really give the item a look over and next year we should have a perfect book.


Sandra made a motion to postpone the elections until the last meeting of the season (June 13, 2013) because there are no new faces and depending on how the first three projects go, we may need to take a break at that time. This was seconded by Mary Gail. And all were in favor.

BR&E/Spruce the Bruce

It has been two years since we began the wish to work with Spruce the Bruce. They gave us a big list of thing to do.

  1. Complete a BR&E (this included training 14 surveyors, interviewing 22 businesses and compiling the information)
  2. Get 100 pictures of the village (10 volunteers from the village helped out with this. Ken Cormack, Faith Fullerton, Tanya Brown, Lewis Coffman, Cindy McKenna, Mary Cottrill, Whanda Newman, Karen Kimpel,
  3. Get 4 pillars to oversee the action plans

Sandra made a motion to accept the following people as pillars to oversee the BR&E action plans until the elections (about June 13, 2013). Seconded by Karen Kimpel. All in favour.

Organization Leader – Karen Kimpel
Physical Design Leader – Mary Gail Johnston
Marketing Leader – Sandra Blodgett
Economic Development Leader – Chris Wilson

As of today, we have completed everything required so that Spruce the Bruce leaders will work with our community.

There are three issues that will be looked at this season concerning BR&E projects.

1. Public Washroom

Sandra will write the following letter to Peggy Rouse and Connie McKinnon at the municipal office.

 2. Learning about grants that are available and communicating that information to Paisley’s business owners.

We plan to host a “WHERE’S THE MONEY?” event. It is listed on the website as Thursday, March 7 but that is not a firm date. At the next meeting, we will brainstorm who we can invite as guest speakers to make it a great day for all business owners.

3. Membership Fees

We will consider this at other meetings. We will explore creating membership fees and other fundraising options to improve the business community in Paisley. This will be completed by May 30, 2013.

JUNE LATE NIGHT SOCIAL: We are currently planning to host the June Late Night Social. We have already tentatively booked the Square Dancers of Hanover to come and teach us some heritage dancing. We are looking for a chair person. Sandra has agreed to be the co-chair.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:20 pm.

The next meeting is Jan. 24 at the Town Hall at 7 pm.

minutes taken by Sandra Blodgett