February 15, 2011

Paisley & District Chamber of Commerce
7:30 PM February 15, 2011
Town Hall Council Chambers

Alicia Mariano chaired the meeting.

Attendants: Jennifer Harris, Alicia Mariano, Jen Maxwell, Sandra Blodgett, Alicia Gibbons, Mary Gail Johnston, Rusty Hood, Paul Crysler, Mary Cumming, Amber McGregor, Dave Barrett and Julie Allen.

READING OF THE MINUTES – read by Jen Maxwell
Corrections: Kanmacher is spelled with a small M.

HISTORICAL: Mary Gail Johnston gave a history of her time in Paisley and what has happened since then. The Johnston’s came to Paisley in 1976. The Town Hall was being restored with a Heritage Grant. The town square, new street lamps, wiring underground and the brick walk were in place. In 1977 the north end flooded. The kids used a canoe to get to school. The bronze street signs were done. They would be easier to read if they were cleaned up. The hose tower has been restored. It is not being utilized at the moment but could be. There are walking trails and the rail trails throughout Paisley. The Community Garden is just past the ball park. There are plots available for rent. Paisley has a canoe club. We have the Mary Cummings Park and the Dr. Milne Park. Our water tower was recently repainted. It’s beautiful. Paisley has 1000 people in the village.
Maintenance is the hard part. It is the issue. The street signs, the gardens, the brick sidewalks are uneven and need to be maintained.

EDUCATIONAL: Dave Barrett from Saugeen Business Development was here to discuss where we are in the process for the BR&E and First Impressions.
BR&E: The surveys involved in the process will help us understand our needs. He has done over 80 surveys and says it covers everything. The questions aren’t invasive and are very detailed and complete so we don’t have to add to it at the end.
The First Impressions Exchange doesn’t cost anything but time. We need a co-ordinator and about 8 volunteers.
The co-ordinator for the BR&E is a position that we can either hire someone for or find a volunteer. If we choose to go for a grant to pay for the position it is up to a 6 month wait for approval. This will delay the process. Perhaps hire an outsider. Sandra suggested we swap co-ordinators with a neighbouring community. Anything Dave or Amanda can do to help let them know. They can help build our case, filling out the applications. If we need demographics Dave has them too. 1st Impressions application is in. We are just waiting for a matching community. We were matched before (with Ayr) but it wasn’t a good fit considering it had 3 times the population. BR&E needs a co-ordinator. We need to decide about that. We need to complete the registration forms. Remember it must be a dedicated volunteer. There are no probing questions, no financials. We just want to know from the business community how they think it’s going. Find out the owners of the empty storefronts.
Consider looking into Spruce the Bruce. This is a 50/50 program available in Bruce County. We would need to go to county council for this program.

Not much to report. She has been going over things that needed to be cleared. There may be GST to take care of. The transfer of names at the bank has been done.

The problem with the website has been resolved. However, it has also made a few other things pop up but they should be fixed by week’s end.
The hosting has been transferred to cut the cost in half. Last year it was $150 it is now $60. Karen Kimple said to transfer www.paisleyontario.com into our name. The Chamber of Commerce can now own it.
The Paisley Historical Tour and the Heritage Walk brochures need to be updated and reprinted. There is a county brochure swap in May 2011.
MOTION: Jennifer Harris made a motion to update and reprint 10,000 copies of each, with more colour before the May mail out. She motioned to use Chamber funds to pay for it. Sandra Blodgett seconded it. Alicia Mariano suggested having proofs ready to look at by next council meeting.
MOTION: Sandra Blodgett made a motion to just let Jennifer Harris do it. She is after all a graphic designer and this is her area of expertise. Jennifer Maxwell seconded it.
100-150 people go to our website every week. We have 200 subscribers
We have 200 friends on Facebook with approx. 20-30 comments every week
Someone posted the snowstorm on YouTube
The website gets 5-6 emails a week. They usually want to know where they can eat and sleep. They are looking for a relation in the area or asking for a brochure.
The Bridges to Better Business is in Southampton March 2nd.

The banking has been completed.
Remember to visit the Museum on Family Day.
Next meeting we will be revising bylaws – please read them and bring your recommendations to the meeting.
We have received a letter from council inviting us to the April 11th meeting. We must RSVP by February 28th.
We usually give a donation to the Legion for letting us use their space. It was suggested we wait until the end of the year. Perhaps get Frank Kocis something from Marty’s.
We have received a letter from council inviting us to the April 11th meeting. We must RSVP by February 28th.
Sandra handed out “Things to Do”.
The executive needs to have a budget meeting. It will be held 6:30 Tuesday March 1, 2011 before the next meeting.
Please visit website www.paisleyvillage.ca and subscribe. Also write comments under the what’s going on in Paisley this week post. This is a free advertising opportunity.

Paul Crysler talked about the Lake Huron Shoreline Tourism Partners. He is going to A/E council to get the money ($550) to pay for the link to www.sunsets.com. He is requesting a letter of support to take to council. He is asking to have it ready by the 25th. Mary Cumming suggested getting the letter there by middle of week so it can go out with the council package. Sandra will write it and email it to Paul. Sandra will mail it to council.

Rusty Hood is the President of Paisley Minor Soccer. He says it is time to get new shirts for the kids. There are currently 80 kids enrolled. 3 full teams with 2 teams of under 6 yrs. They will be going to the business looking for donations. You could get your name on a shirt. Great advertising! It was suggested that Rusty also ask the Legion and Rotary Club. He said they are applying to Tim Horton’s for the under 6 groups.

Mary Cumming introduced herself to the group. She was a founding member of Minor Sports and served on council for 16 years. She urges the Chamber to move forward. There is a lot to be offered in Paisley. We should be proud and support it.

Welcome to Julie Allen who is attending her FIRST Chamber meeting!
Meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

Next meeting: March 1st 7:30 PM Town Hall Council Chambers
Ken Kelly of the Bruce County Heritage Farm will be visiting.
We will be reviewing and amending the 2003 Chamber Bylaws.

Minutes taken by Jen Maxwell