March 1, 2011

Paisley & District Chamber of Commerce
7:30 PM March 1, 2011
Town Hall Council Chambers

Alicia Mariano chaired the meeting

Attendants: Sandra Blodgett, Jen Harris, Jen Maxwell, Mary Gail Johnston, Alicia Mariano, Alicia Gibbons, Helen Crysler, Micheline Mann, Julie Allen, Taylor Brown, Dan McDonald, Mary Lou Dolan. Welcome to all of the new people joining our meeting!

Secretary’s Report – Reading of the minutes- read by Jen Maxwell
Correction: omit the kids took a canoe to school. Change date to April 28th for the brouchures. Sandra moved the minutes and corrections. Helen accepted them. Alicia Gibbons seconded it.

Treasurer’s Report -read by Alicia Mariano
Nothing new to report. Approx $6000.00 in the bank
Jen Harris accepted the report. Sandra seconded it.

EDUCATIONAL: We had 2 guests, Ken Kelly and Pete Dobson from the Heritage Association Steam Show. They gave us a detailed report on how the Steam Show has succeeded over the years. The show is scheduled for the 3rd weekend in August. Please note that camping at the show is for members only.

VP Public Relations’ Report – presented by Jen Harris
Jen showed us the 2 old brouchures we were distributing. There is a new combined layout that we are planning for this year. It is a 32 page booklet. There will be more info in the booklet than in the brouchures. We will keep the heritage feel. Jen is sending them to Markham to be printed. Many Bruce County businesses send theirs there as well. The place in Owen Sound was 3 times the cost. We need a volunteer to make the sales calls. ½ page ad is $125 full page $200.

BR& E Report – presented by Alicia Mariano
The BR&E is looking for 15 volunteers. If you know of anybody interested please see the sign up sheets located in many shops around Paisley. The training meeting will be held on March 16 (Wednesday) in the Council Chambers.

President’s Report – Sandra motioned to have the Bylaws read and discussed at March 28 meeting. Jen Maxwell seconded it.
Sandra motioned to have permission to write a letter to the Arran Elderslie Municipality and ask them to remove the Unique Shops sign and the Churches sign. Jen Maxwell seconded it.

Next meeting WEDNESDAY, March 16th at 7:00 PM in the Council Chambers
The next meeting will be training by Dave Barrett for the BR&E surveyors.
Meeting adjourned at 9:25 PM.
Minutes by Jen Maxwell