May 3, 2011


May 3, 2011

Town Hall, Council Chambers 7:30 pm



Jennifer Harris, Jennifer Barna, Micheline Mann, MaryLou Dolan, Sandra Blodgett, Karen Kemple, MaryGail Johnston, Alicia Gibbons, Alicia Mariano

GUESTS: Anja, Rick, Shannon Wood




Sandra welcomed us all with a potatoe farmer story. She also brought to our attention the murals at the GOCO Variety, we all feel that although they and other things around town need replaced and rejevenated it would be something to further express after the BR&E has been started.

Jenn Harris read the minutes. There were no changes. Sandra Blodgett approved the minutes, Alicia Gibbons seconded it.



Karen Kempel had concern with the brochures being mailed to the residents of Paisley. Other members suggested putting an ad in the Advocate telling our residents which stores they could pick them up at.

Micheline Mann offered to write an article about our brochures. Sandra motioned this. Alicia Gibbons seconded that.



Alicia indicated that there are still a half a dozen outstanding invoices, from the brochures that have not yet been paid for. She also stated that there is $5900.00 still in the account, with approx. $800 coming back in revenue.




Anja told us all about the Welcome wagon, and the positive feedback it brings to communities. Micheline Mann has just signed a contract to be the Welcome Wagon in our area. Local businesses can participate by donating something from their businesses, so when new families move in to the area a piece of each of the surrounding stores also welcomes them. This is great for advertising! Look forward to Micheline coming into your workplace to discuss this new exciting project for our area.

SHANNON WOOD: MAPLE SYRUP FESTIVALShannon started off by complimenting our new Chamber and saying she had not seen such an active group in 22 years!! Shannon has a big part in the annual Maple Syrup Festival which is held just outside of Paisley at the Bluffs!! She discussed her thoughts on the stores becoming more involved suggesting we have a maple leaf tour, in which businesses would hang a maple leaf on their doors. This would indicate to our visitors that we are also involved in this festival. This would be essential in helping our local merchants benefit from the traffic coming into our town. She suggested coming back to a meeting in January to further discuss this closer to the date.



Alicia stated that the town Ayr has been matched with another town, and we are back on the waiting list to find a town suitable to exchange with.

 Sandra adjourned the meeting at 8:40. Alicia Gibbons seconded that.

 Minutes recorded by Jennifer Maxwell