October 18, 2011

Paisley and District Chamber of Commerce

Treasure Chest Museum

Attendants:  Sandra Blodgett, Jenn Harris, Alicia Mariano, Jenn Maxwell, Mary Gail Johnston

Thanks to Mary Cumming for opening the Treasure Chest Museum for us.

BR&E Meeting: We now have 14 BR&E’s done and at least 6 more in the works. We have decided that that is not enough opinions to create a good enough picture of what Paisley is . We reviewed the list and assigned more projects. (matches of surveyor and surveyed) We also added about 10 more businesses that are service businesses. We were hoping to have all this done by October 31 but decided it is better to take our time and do it right. Pat Kuntz has been in contact with Jennifer and Sandra, encouraging us to keep on.

We had some discussion aroundvillage concerns and who our real market is (as a complete). We often speak of tourism and we all understand it is very important but it was addressed that as we attempt to fill the empty store fronts in the village, we need to consider that we are also heavily attempting to serve families here. We need to consider businesses that do the same. Even the tourists we attract are often families.

The meeting was adjourned about 9pm.

Minutes by Sandra Blodgett



Lee Allen went over