September 13, 2011

Paisley & District Chamber of Commerce

Key Lime Creative Office 7 pm

Attendants: Mary Gail Johnston, Alicia Gibbons, Sandra Blodgett, Jenn Harris

The four of us reviewed the Policies and Procedures Handbook and approved it going to print with the following concerns being met.

1. Talk to Paul Crysler about the term “quorum”. We do not feel than we can wait for 7 people to be present to make decisions. Usually there are five or less people at the meetings. (NOTE: Sandra talked to Paul at a later date and he says that 50% of the executive is deemed acceptable)

2. Add a page for New Committees to fill out if they require up front funding for us. This form will include who is doing the work, what will be done, how much money is needed and how it will be repaid to the Chamber. Sandra will crate this form.

3. A form for each executive member to fill out for annual expenses. This is a change in which at the January Budget meeting, each executive member will get a budget approved ahead of time to fill their role so minute concerns do not have to be brought to the table during the year. Sandra will create this form.

The meeting continued with a discussion about the Late Night Shop and a promotion package to encourage people to support our local businesses during the winter. It was left on the table to be addressed at a further meeting when there are more people.

Meeting adjourned about 9 pm

Minutes taken by Sandra Blodgett