Spruce the Bruce

Thank you to everyone who attended the BIG PAISLEY COMMUNITY MEETING! It was a huge success! We would love your comments and feedback from the Meeting, please leave us a message here.

For more indepth information on Spruce the Bruce please visit the STB website:


Paisley Pillars Task Force Meetings

First Thursday of each month, 5 -7 pm, Town Hall, downstairs

Thursday November 6th 5 -7 pm (this may change!)

We will be defining the tasks needed to move forward on the Spruce the Bruce Projects and forming the 4 pillar committees. If you are interested in being on a committee or just want to help with a single task but can’t make it to the meeting Please let one of the Committee Members know.

Paisley Four Point Leaders:

  1. Organization Leader: Sandra Blodgett 519-353-6021, sandrablodgett@gmail.com
  2. Marketing and Promotion Leader: Jennifer Harris, 519-353-4509 keylimecreative@gmail.com
  3. Economic Development Leader: Chris Wilson,  ChrisWilson@vpi-inc.com
  4. Physical Design Leader: Mary Gail Johnston, mgj@eastlink.ca

Other Support members:

Jack Van Dorp, Bruce County Planning Dept.
Ann McArthur, Municipality of Arran-Elderslie, Program Director

For more about the Paisley Four Point Leaders : https://paisleyvillage.ca/spruce-the-bruce/four-points-leaders/