November 1, 2011

Paisley & District Chamber of Commerce

Treasure Chest Museum 7 pm

Attendants: Judy McKinnon (representing museum), Sandra Blodgett, MaryGail Johnston, Jenn Harris, Micheline Mann.

Tonight, as planned, we sorted bins of papers from Chambers past in an attempt to reduce “the archives”. Judy helped us decide what was of historical value and what wasn’t. We left the pictures with the museum. They will identify the people and places and keep them at the museum. We destroyed most financial papers from seven years or older and kept papers with people’s names on them or historical stories and events. We recycled anything that did not seem incriminating. We did not get through all of the seven boxes but we had a good start. We will plan to revisit this on the winter agenda. We left the Parade banner and elf costumes at the museum. We will pick them up at our next meeting November 15 at which time we will be making the candy bags for the Parade. We need to find a place to store this little bunch of remaining items. The space needs to be mouse free.

One item we did discuss (over the sorting of boxes) was the final date for the BR&E surveys MUST be December 6. That leaves us a month to get them done. We want to start the new year with a Task Force and an action plan.

We also discussed that some business owners have expressed that they have no time to offer, only money. We understand this and will take this into consideration when planning the Budget at the January 17 Meeting. We appreciate that people have an interest in working as a team and will acknowledge whatever contribution they can offer.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:00

Minutes by Sandra Blodgett